Our Story

​​Founded in San Diego’s vibrant Hillcrest Neighborhood in 2022, the Fresh Flower Society was established by owner and head florist Evgeniya Bannikova. 

Evgeniya, known to her American friends as “Jane,” spent the early parts of her career working with numbers in an office as a property assessor. But she knew that it wasn’t her passion. A creative soul at heart, Jane had always wanted to work with flowers. She quit her job, immigrated to the United States in 2019, and began work as a florist in San Diego. 

The Fresh Flower Society is a dream come true. It is an artistic project. It is a business endeavor. Most importantly, the Fresh Flower Society is a sustainably sourced flower service located in the heart of San Diego. 

Our Commitment

The Fresh Flower Society cares deeply about the well-being of our community and the planet. We pledge to purchase 60% of our flowers from farms located in Southern California in an effort to support local businesses and farmers.

We also pledge to prioritize using environmentally friendly floristry. We provide alternatives, such as chicken wire, moss, and kenzan instead.

The Fresh Flower Society is also committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling all of our materials. We minimize single-use plastics as much as possible and will reuse serviceable materials in an effort to limit our waste. Customers who return serviceable vases, pots, and other non-recyclable products to the Fresh Flower Society will receive a 10% discount on their next purchase.

You can help us by supporting good causes, locally, and around the world. We donate a portion of our profits to various charities and philanthropic organizations